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With over five years of experience, Vaman Engineers has carved its reputation in and around Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh as being the “Best” full service electrical Consultants and contractor for electrical design, installation, liasioning and service. Image Engineers prides itself with hands on service for all projects large or small from preconstruction and design to on-time completion. Image Engineers specializes in many types of electrical construction including retail, commercial, industrial, educational, historical renovation and high density residential environments.

Domestic Tip of the Month

Don’t Leave Electrical Appliances on Standby
Many of us with use the remote to switch off the TV or stereo, leaving the appliance running on standby. This actually means the appliance is still using up electricity and wastes a considerable amount of energy. Items left on standby use up to 85% of the energy they would use if fully switched on. An extra million tonnes of carbon will be released into the atmosphere through this power wastage.

Commercial Tip of the Month

Always maintain your Power factor as prescribed by the Electrical Department.
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